Building Trust, Love & Presence (Level 1)

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Mondays 7-10pm
May 18 - June 22

6 sessions



Adults (18+)  

Whether you're a first time actor, a seasoned professional, or someone returning after years away, this class will reinforce the foundational skills of acting: building trust with the audience and your scene partner, learning to have confidence in your instincts, operating from a place of vulnerability and bravery and finding the truth in every performance.

Instructor: Jay Worthington


Text & Subtext (Level 2)

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Tuesdays 7-10pm
May 19 – June 23

6 sessions


 Adult (18+)

Learn what to look for in a scene when building a role.  Go through each scene moment to moment and start digging for the heart of it.  The course will largely be concerned with creating organic simple performances, underpinned by huge personalization and emotional life and will focus on each actor bringing themself to the work--actors will learn how to play themselves in the circumstances of someone else as opposed to the idea of creating a character.  This is really were we begin to learn how organic this work is and how much of "us" can be allowed to live in it. 


Prerequisite: Level 1 and Instructor Approval

Instructor: Jay Worthington

Adult - The Effective Audition

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Sunday 2:00pm - 5:00pm

May 17th

1 Session



Mickie Paskal and Jennifer Rudnicke, casting partners at one of Chicago's premiere casting offices, teach this 3-hour workshop in their Chicago studio. Hear first hand what casting directors are looking for. Through assigned scenes, playback and feedback, students learn how to make specific, appropriate and memorable choices that parlay auditions into callbacks. Students will also learn industry protocol through mock auditions. Space is limited.

Instructors: Micki Paskal & Jennifer Rudnicke 

Adult - Clowning

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Thursdays 7:00 - 9:00pm

April 23 - May 14 

4 Sessions



Clowning has several definitions and in this class, we will explore all of them!  Following impulse, being connected to the audience, having confidence on stage, and creating your clown will all be different areas that we will explore.  It will be a fun and wild ride and will provide you with essential skills for any type of acting!

Instructor: TBD

Adult - Stage to Screen Calibration

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Tuesdays 7:00 - 9:30pm 

April 21 - May 12

4 Sessions



Students will build on the essentials by preparing the same scene for both stage and screen, learning to calibrate their performance for each medium while deepening their work by finding their character's actions, objectives and relationship to the arc of the scene.

Instructor: Ryan Kitley

Adult - The Art of Storytelling

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Mondays 7-9pm
April 13 - May 18

Final performance date TBD by class availability

6 sessions



Adults (18+)

A good story feeds the imagination, creates a bond between teller and listener, and brings the creative community together over shared human experience. This class will help students of all walks of life discover and develop their own voice and share the hilarious, heartbreaking, but always true experiences that are both personal and universal. Students will workshop their stories to find their own voice under the direction of professional storyteller Stephanie Chavara.This session’s stories will culminate in an intimate night of storytelling for friends and family on the last day of class.

Instructor: Stephanie Chavara

9th Grade-Adult - College Challenge

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Thursday 7:00 - 10:00pm

April 16 

1 Session


9th Grade - Adult

This program, led by Carole Dibo and Janet Louer, provides a forum to identify, clarify and take the anxiety out of choosing the right school.  Parent and student wil spend the morning together receiving a detailed overview of the differences and benefits of specific programs and the choice between a conservatory and a liberal arts program.  Then, after a break for lunch, parents can feel free to ask questions of the instructors while students attend a talkback with recent graduate of various programs.

Instructor: Carole Dibo & Janet Louer

7th Grade-Adult - Breaking Into The Business

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Saturday 10:00am - 2:00pm

June 13

1 Session


7th Grade-Adult

Cut to the chase and learn firsthand how to break in and work your way through the film, TV and theatre business. Studio Director Carole Dibo will share her years of experience in this invaluable workshop breaking down the who's who and the do's and don'ts of a very complicated industry. Guest speakers will include some of the industry's top professionals.  This 1-day seminar is full of information that would take years to learn.  A must for every actor.

Instructor: Carole Dibo

L.A. Film Intensive

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3 sessions, June 14-16


See Class Description

4th Grade - Adult

L.A. Casting Director Deborah Dion returns to ATC to teach her exclusive, sell-out-in-a-minute workshop!

Deborah Dion works with top directors in the industry and has an unprecedented reputation for drawing out the best in actors young and old.  Learn what and what not to do in the room with cold reads and prepared material.  Deb's casting projects include Moonrise Kingdom, I Don't Know How She Does It, The Last Airbender, Alice in Wonderland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

4th-8th grade  /  Mon. June 15 & Tues. June 16  /  9am-1pm  /  $525

9th-12th grade  /  Mon. June 15 & Tues. June 16  /  2-6pm  /  $525

Adults  /  Sun. June 14   /  12-5pm  /  $350

Instructor: Deborah Dion

Not many teachers care about their students the way you do.”
"Today I found out that I booked my first SAG commercial for BMO Harris bank! I''m so excited!!  Thank you for all of your help. I wouldn't have gotten cast without it.  Taking classes with you allowed me to feel comfortable and confident while in the audition!”
"I really had no idea what to expect when I walked in, but [this class] blew me away. [It] provided me with so much information and guidance with respect to the business, film, and acting.”
 "I don't think I've ever had so much information given to me about the business, and because of it, I walked out of there with a solid plan for my upcoming year in New York.  I used to feel scared and overwhelmed, now I feel considerably more confident and in controlThe time I spent with you really proved to me that it's possible, provided you work, and work hard."
 "I'm hooked!"
"Not only have I thoroughly enjoyed myself while attending classes, but I've learned some things about myself in the process."
 "If one really has a life's goal to become an actor, ATC is THE place to train."
"I had to stretch a lot and came out of the class with more confidence in myself." 
 ATC got me excited and energized to continue in my career."
"I have done these types of classes before, but this one was way over my expectations. It was fantastic!"
 "Carole, you facilitate magic."